Become a Member!!!


If you are not already a member of the Lisbon Area Historical Society, please consider becoming one at this time and in so doing joining with the many others who have become a part of our organization.  The membership fee is just $5 per year.


As a member of the Society, you will be involved in selecting the Trustees and Officers of the organization, overseeing their efforts on behalf of us all, and participating in important policy discussions and decisions.  You will also receive regular reports on the Society's work and learn of opportunities for you and others in the area to participate as volunteers in the Society's programs.

The personal involvement of our members helps to confirm to the local community and others the growing importance of our efforts.  Our future success depends on continuing broad community support for our work preserving all aspects of our area's history and sharing that history with others within and beyond the towns of Lisbon, Lyman and Landaff.


Don't delay - act now to become a member of the Historical Society.  Joining is easy - just send a note to us indicating your interest in joining and include a check for $5 payable to "Lisbon Area Historical Society" as payment of your dues for the current year.  Please include in your note your mailing address, phone number and an e-mail address if you have one.   Our mailing address is PO Box 6, Lisbon NH 03585.

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Thanks so much for considering becoming a member.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at (603) 838-6146 or at