About the Lisbon Area Historical Society

The Lisbon Area Historical Society was first organized in the 1960s as a social organization and endured long periods of inactivity.  The Society reorganized in the late 1990s and is now a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit charitable organization governed by its members.  The Society invites interested persons to join its membership (See "Become A Member").

Society Trustees Beverly Pelletier and Cary Clark staff the table at the 2011 Lisbon Lilac Time celebration.

Our Mission


As stated in its charter, the purposes of the Society include "promoting the public's interest in and appreciation for the Towns of Lisbon, Landaff and Lyman, the collection, preservation and cataloging of materials which establish or illustrate the history of the three Towns, their indigenous history and heritage, their exploration, settlement and development, as well as their cultural and artistic heritage."

 Our Collections


Since reorganizing in the late 1990's, the Society has continued to collect, catalog in its computer database, and store items pertaining to the history of Lisbon, Landaff, and Lyman, New Hampshire.  Most of these local artifacts, photographs, papers, books, genealogies and other items are now located in the Society's recently-opened new museum in the Parker Block in downtown Lisbon.  In addition, items from our collections are on display at the Lisbon Historic Railroad Station & Museum, and you can see images of many items online via the Internet.  For more information, go to "Collections".

Our Current Board of Trustees and Officers

The members of the Lisbon Area Historical Society have at their most recent annual meeting elected the following persons to serve as Trustees and Officers of the Society.

Board of Trustees

  • Dorothy Wiggins, President

  • Judith Boulet, Vice President

  • Sandra Roberts, Treasurer

  • Beverly Pelletier, Secretary

  • Donald Pelletier

  • Roger Robar

  • Andrea Fitzgerald

  • John Fitzgerald

  • Patricia Barry

  • Skylar Boutin

  • Sigmund Hudson

  • Anne Hudson

  • Mary Ann Jock

  • Dorothea Hamilton